Listen to Paul Pelosi’s 911 Call After an Intruder Entered His Home

After being woken up by an intruder in the early hours of Oct. 28, Paul Pelosi placed a 911 call, the audio of which was released on Friday.

In it, Mr. Pelosi’s voice is calm and his words carefully chosen as he tries to convey the danger he is in without angering the intruder, who would go on to brutally attack him.

Mr. Pelosi is heard saying there is “a gentleman here waiting for my wife,” whom he identifies as Nancy Pelosi. When the dispatcher asks if he needs help, he initially says no, but goes on to emphasize that he does not know the man who is in his home.

Later, still in a calm voice, he indicates that the intruder is pressuring him to end the call, and he provides his address. (The New York Times has redacted the address from the published audio.)


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